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Hello to all parents and guardians,

Looking back on events in 2016
I wanted to take a moment to think back on a few of the wonderful events that we had in 2016. In May, the children took their spring trip to Chikusan Center. Although the weather was slightly cloudy, the children were still happy to take a short hike up the hill to the lookout tower and enjoy their home-made lunchboxes with their school friends afterward.
In October, the children experienced playing with animals when the idou dobutsuen or Mobile Zoo came to the school. It was nice to see all the children so excited with smiles while happily feeding vegetables to their animal friends.
Other exciting events included Sports Day also in October, the wonderful artwork we saw in the norimono-themed Art Event in November, and finally the day the children pounded and enjoyed eating their rice cakes , mochitsuki in December. I think the children will look back at all these experiences as a memorable time.

I would like to thank everyone who attended this yearfs Happyokai on February 11. I am sincerely proud of all the childrenfs efforts they gave during the numerous days of practice and especially for their fine performance that day. Also, we appreciate you and your family for taking the time to attend the event, especially in the snowy weather.

Lastly, The kindergarten would just like to remind you that this yearfs graduation ceremony will be held on Tuesday, March 21st. We look forward to see all of the Bara parents/guardians on this special day.


Mark Borja
Dai Ni Principal